Dress Code


The purpose of the staff dress code is to easily identify staff, set a Cedarbrook standard of modesty, promote safety, and present a professional look to parents and campers. As a staff person you represent the camp and you are to be an example to others at camp.

Cedarbrook promotes a standard of modesty. This starts with clothing the body modestly and making sure the body and undergarments stay covered. This means clothes should not be tight or form fitting, sagging or bagging, or anything that distracts or draws attention to an individual or the body. Camp is not the place to make an individual statement about your personal standard. The Director has the discretion to determine if something is immodest or inappropriate for camp attire. Choose your clothes with modesty in mind and we should all have a happy camp experience.

All staff will be given Cedarbrook Camp T-shirts to be worn each day. A certain T-shirt color will be specified for each day and that will be the required dress for the day. T-shirts are not to be modified.

Men, no sagging or baggy shorts or pants. Choose shorts and pants that stay in place and keep the backside and boxers covered. Ladies, no short shorts. The bottom of the shorts needs to be closer to the knees than to the buttocks. Choose shorts that will not ride up when you are walking. Closed toe shoes are a must for safety and are to be worn at all times. (We do allow an exception for going to the pool or bathhouse.)

We understand that tattoos and piercings are part of this culture, but it is also something we do not want to promote to our campers. The acceptability of tattoos and piercings at camp will be determined by the Director on an individual basis.

The goal of this dress code is to set the standard that Cedarbrook Camp wants to present as a Christian camp, that will produce unity among the staff, promote a conservative standard to campers and staff from a variety of backgrounds and denominations that will not offend or cause someone to stumble in their walk with Christ, and most importantly to bring glory to God. (I Corinthians 10:23-31).

Revised July 7, 2014

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