camp_photo25QUALIFICATIONS for our Camper in Leadership Training Program

1. Must be 15 years old or have finished 10th grade.

2. Must have had at least one week as a Cedarbrook camper. Exception: special recommendation of the Camp Director.

3. Must manifest the following traits of personality and character:
•  Know Christ as personal Savior
•  Exhibit a vital Christian testimony
•  Reflect good moral character
•  Demonstrate leadership ability
•  Assume responsibility
•  Work well as a group member
•  Show a willingness to learn
•  Be industrious, dependable, and adaptable
•  Be in good health and vitality

4. Must be interested in working with children.

5. Must receive recommendations from Youth Pastor or Director of Christian Education and one other adult who has observed the applicant in a position of leadership.

Download the CILT application here.

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