Typical Day in Camp

A typical summer day at camp includes the following activities. Order of events may change from week to week but the components remain the same!

FLAG RAISING – A vital part of camp is learning to show respect and allegiance to our flag and country. We raise the flag, repeat the pledge of allegence and sing a favorite patriotic song before venturing off to our different activities

MORNING WATCH – A special time set aside each day for a quiet time alone with God.

CAPERS – Even at camp there are chores to do! Cabin clean up is used to keep our camp site clean and orderly. A fun and safe environment to play in is vital to campers learning to appreciate their environment.

BIBLE EXPLORATION – A time of exploring the Word of God with your cabin group. Campers experience memorizing Scripture, reading the Bible, putting together a skit about the lesson, or playing a game–all of which help bring the Bible lesson to life and give the camper an understanding of how much God loves them!

SKILL BUILDING ACTIVITIES – Each camper chooses an age appropriate activity that will help them increase in their skills as the week progresses.
• Hiking – Our new site offers a great challenge hike for all ages! Learn about nature and the trail. How about a hike to the Creek or the Heliport?
• Swimming – Take swimming lessons, learn safety, and become a better swimmer.
• Archery – Learn how to handle and shoot a bow and arrow. By the end of the week, you may hit the bulls eye and earn an achievement pin!
• Mountain Bikes – Ride some amazing trails with our instructors.
• Nature – Find the tree that smells like vanilla. What do nettles look like? Learn about our amazing Creator and His creation.
• Crafts – Get inspired and have fun while learning important skills.
And plenty more!

FREE TIME – Explore camp, relax with friends, or just hang out.
• Go swimming.
• Visit the Tuck Shop and buy a candy bar, a camp T-shirt or something to take home!
• Write home and tell your parents about your wonderful week at camp!

EAT, EAT and EAT Again – There is always time for food! We have great cooks and serve camper-friendly, home-cooked nutritious meals.

CABIN TIME – A special time of activities with just your cabin group and counselor. A great time to develop closer friendships.

ALL-CAMP and UEP – Time spent all together around a campfire. UEP (Unified Evening Program) activities and fun games. Everyone has a great time!

CAMPFIRE TALKS – Special times with just your cabin group or your entire division. Listen to a special message, admire the night sky, wrap up in your pajamas, and wind down from a busy day.

SONGFEST – Sing worship songs to honor the God who created you and the great outdoors. Sing fun and crazy songs that remind us how fun life can be and make us laugh!

TUCK SHOP – Tuck Shop has supplies if you forgot something. Buy a Cedarbrook water bottle, hat, flashlight, T-shirt, or a special stuffed animal to sleep with at night.

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