Volunteer Staff Positions

camp_photo25Pre-Camp Training – Saturday May 16, 2020

Pre-Camp Training is required for all Volunteer Staff Positions!

Staff Applications are required before Pre-Camp Training.

Staff Application must be filled out to apply for a staff position.

As a Staff Resource we offer Distance Education. Distance education is a flexible way to receive training using e-mail and the Internet. It fits anyone’s schedule. Modules can involve participants from several camps, meeting in an on-line learning community. Email and Internet access is required to participate. This training counts toward the required hours of training as set forth by the ACA. The camp Director will give you information on how to take this online education.


Cabin Counselor
Responsible for 6-8 campers, leading daily Bible Exploration, cabin devotions, cabin activities with own group; leads or assists in morning activities; participates in planning and implementing evening programs.

Camp Nurse, RN
Responsible for dispensing camper and staff medications, being available for “emergencies’ from cuts and scrapes to home-sickness; administering first aid and TLC.

Division Director
Coordinates all divisional activities, staff and campers, works with director in planning weekly schedule, teams with other division directors in planning the All-Camp. Attend DD planning/training meeting in May. Previous Cedarbrook/Cherith staff experience required.

Assist with in-camp registration as campers arrive for the week, and at end of week, ready registration applications for next weeks campers. Assist with camper assignments, housing and activity signups. Basic computer skills needed. Manage phone calls and emails for the week.

Activity Coordinator
Training position. Oversees the camper activity assignments, orientation and daily activities; responsible for training and supervision of all activity staff; works with director and division directors in planning weekly schedule.

Archery Coordinator
Coordinates area of specialty, teaches archery classes, maintains equipment and supplies. Must be certified as N.A.A. Level 1 Basic Instructor. Minimum age: 18.

Cookout Coordinator
Responsible for cookout training, coordination and supervision. Organizes equipment and supplies and oversees the packing of food for cookouts and overnights.

Crafts Coordinator
Coordinates area of specialty, teaches morning and afternoon activities, organizes equipment and supplies, and is available as a resource to activity leaders and counselors.

Lifeguard at pool and lake as needed. Must be certified and pass the skills checklist.

Mountain Bike Coordinator
Coordinates area of specialty, teaches mountain bike adventures, maintains bicycles and equipment. Must be Cedarbrook Camp certified.

Outdoor Adventure Coordinator
Coordinates area of specialty, teaches activities, supervises the nature center, organizes equipment and supplies for activity leaders, assist with hiking.

Water Safety Instructor
Teaches daily swimming classes. Must be certified and pass the skills checklist.

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