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Ministry Partners

Cedarbrook Camp Southern California is a registered not-for-profit ministry, and as such we depend on our friends, camp family, individual supporters, and churches. Our MINISTRY PARTNERS are made up of people who believe in the mission of Cedarbrook Camp and who are willing to give of their dollars, their time, and their energy to realize the vision that we share together.  Our desire is that each and child and adult that comes through our gates have a better understanding of Jesus and be a little bit changed because they have been here.

We rely on our ministry partners for their service, prayer and financial giving. Our mission is to bring campers and adults into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ!!!! Won’t you join us??  YOU can make a difference! Please prayerfully consider giving monetary gifts that will help us reach more children and adults for Jesus Christ. 

We appreciate each and every way our ministry partners join with us in this amazing camping program we call Cedarbrook. 


General Operations
We have deliberately chosen to keep our fees affordable for nearly all campers, and so contributions are needed to fill the gap not met by camper fees. Your contributions also help us buy and replace equipment and purchase supplies needed. Yearly maintenance on our mountain bikes and archery equipment is made possible because of your generosity. 

Campership Fund
We have a campership fund to help families of campers who may need assistance with the cost of a week at summer camp. Please consider giving a campership donation. 


Make a Donation

To join our ministry team contact:


Mail to: 
Cedarbrook Camp Southern California
PO Box 400610
Hesperia, CA 92340

Call for more information: 
(909) 866-9366

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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