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Tim Webster - Camp Director

TIM WEBSTER (Timberwolf) has worked in Christian camping since age 14. He served at Forest Home Christian Conference Center, was the nature program director at Shiloh Ranch in Malibu, CA during his college years, and helped with the inception of the outdoor education program at Biola University.
Tim began his ministry at Cedarbrook (formerly Camp Cherith) in 1988. Over the years he has served as counselor, division director, program director, boys’ director, and CILT instructor.
Tim is married to Becky Webster and has four children: Tim, David, Jessie, and Joel, all who have grown up and served in the Cedarbrook family. He is a science teacher at Hesperia Christian School and has a passion for world missions, church planting, and evangelism. His leisure time activities include hiking and backpacking.



 Why?  What is it about camp that keeps me coming back? Coming up every summer for the past 15 years I think about it.  Why do I joyfully anticipate a week up in the mountains with 60-100 kids?     Relationships.  Relationships with the kids, relationships with my fellow staff and relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus! There is an intimacy at Cedarbrook that is just hard to replicate.  Cedarbrook is so focused on being Christ centered,  on building trust and love with the campers, and making sure that the ‘camp’ experience is fun, interactive and spiritually growing.  Songfests, cookouts, hikes, marshmallow wars, Bible exploration… the list is endless of meaningful, relationship building activities.  Cedarbrook makes sure that each camper knows they are special to us, and are special to Christ.  What a place!  What a God!  Hope to see you this summer!



To me, Camp Cedarbrook is family and home. I was seven years old when I first experienced camp, and although my family went to church every Sunday, I didn't have a real relationship with Jesus. Camp Cedarbrook taught me that Jesus was more than just old stories but the Savior who wanted a relationship with me. The staff demonstrated to me in both word and deed what that relationship could and should look like. Because of camp, I am saved and have a dynamic relationship with my Heavenly Father. Over the years, the staff members became some of my closest friends so that they seem like family. To this day, they are still encouraging me, holding me accountable, and praying for me. I also fell in love with God's creation and gained an intimate appreciation for the natural world. The mountains are simply a stunning, beautiful location with unforgettable sights: views of the mountain; the wind blowing through the trees; birds swooping through the bright blue sky; deer grazing on the archery range; the creek babbling by. Everywhere you turn, you are confronted with God's beauty, grace, design, and blessing. Camp Cedarbrook has helped shape me into the woman I am today. It has left an indelible mark upon me, and I am proud to give back to the camp that gave me so much by serving on staff myself.



Cedarbrook Camp truly retains the mission of stimulating personal growth through a relationship with Jesus Christ in all of its programming. Each staff member views his or her role as ministry and is passionate about making camp fun while reflecting God’s love. There is a lot to do at camp- the days are full of exploring, learning new things, and developing new skills. Yet, there is enough “space” in the day to hang out and get to know campers, and for them to get to know one another. I went to Cedarbrook camp as a youth and remember the confidence I gained in mastering how to build fires, backpack overnight “in the wilderness” and identify constellations in the summer sky. I also remember formative spiritual growth that has served as mooring as I travel through life. I am grateful that my kids now get to experience Cedarbrook.